Tradition baby shower and everything you need for it

The custom of a baby shower comes from the USA and is now also popular here. The festival is held to celebrate the mother and the offspring. The baby shower is often organized by friends or family members of the expectant mother without her knowing about the party. You can also plan your own baby shower if you have a clear idea of ​​the party.

However, the baby shower must be distinguished from the gender reveal party. This is also an American custom. The gender reveal party is about announcing the gender of the baby. Often the parents themselves do not know what gender it is. With the help of friends, everything is prepared and the moment of revelation takes place among friends.

The gender is announced in the form of balloons, cakes - which have the respective color of the gender in the middle - or confetti and then celebrated together.

The baby shower, on the other hand, is a party that often only takes place among friends and congratulates the expectant mother with her first gifts. It is therefore a good idea to put together a wish list of gifts before the child is born. The baby shower is celebrated in the last trimester of pregnancy and is seen as the last highlight before the birth.

The rooms are decorated for the party - whether kitschy or simple, anything is allowed - and people toast together with snacks and drinks. Games such as changing diapers or tasting baby food can also be played.

If you have to organize a baby shower, it is advisable to get together with the other guests and support each other. While one person gets together the decorations, the other can take care of the food. Another highlight and the classic gift is the diaper cake. Diapers are tied in the shape of a cake and given small gifts. However, you should agree on who will give the diaper cake so that several people don't give the same gift on the same day.

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