Birth traditions from Japan

Do you already know the Japanese carp-shaped windsocks? In the Western world, windsocks have become a symbol of good luck for births and therefore offer the ideal gift for birth or children's birthdays. They also hang decoratively in gardens and provide colorful decorative elements in summer.

Traditionally, Koinobori , the small windsocks, are hung in front of houses in Japan on the occasion of Children's Day on May 5th. The Japanese Spring Festival – also known as Kodomo no Hi – is a colorful festival that turns the streets into a sea of ​​carp flags. Traditionally, carp represent the young in a family and are associated with strength. The carp are a symbol of the fact that the boys can swim against the current with great strength. The black carp represents the father, the red one represents the eldest son, the blue one represents the youngest son and the green one represents the middle son. Based on the number of flags in front of the houses, you can also see how many children live in a household. Nowadays, especially in the western world, windsocks apply to both boys and girls.

However, the meaning of the Koinobori flags goes beyond the Kodomo no Hi . They are a symbol of hope for a happy and healthy future for the children and the family . The Koinobori flags are often hung in the weeks leading up to Kodomo no Hi and sometimes remain up until the end of the month.

Making Koinobori flags is an art in itself. The flags are made of several layers of fabric that are usually hand-painted. There are also special embroidery and other decorations that make the flags even more elaborate. Because Koinobori flags are often used for several years, they are carefully stored and maintained.

French brand Madame Mo pays homage to the children's festival from Japan. They have been making their own windsocks from organic cotton for 10 years and are continuing the tradition in Europe. In our shop you will find the colorful carp from Madame MO in a variety of colors, making them the perfect gift or a beautiful decorative element for the summer.

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