Our illustrator: Saskia Gaymann

Saskia Gaymann is behind the illustrations of Pippa & Fritz. Her father is a cartoonist, so it's clear where Saskia got her talent from. Her family has always drawn and painted a lot and at some point a hobby turned into a profession.

Why does she love children's drawings so much? Because children are still free. In their imagination, their curiosity and their enthusiasm. She enjoys accompanying them in the world of books, because everything is still possible there. In their stories, girls and boys are allowed to fight dragons, do magic and even fly. The world of children is colorful and cheeky, and that's exactly what Saskia Gaymann reflects in her drawings.

Saskia has children of her own and they are her little treasure trove of ideas, because ideas come from experiences. She sees from them what topics excite them and what makes them laugh and cry. “Once I have an idea, drawing actually goes pretty quickly because I often already have the pictures in my head,” says Saskia.

She impressed us with her illustrations and gave Pippa & Fritz a face. The characters are our little influencers and you will discover them again and again in the shop. They introduce you to their favorite products and show you how they can be used.

Immerse yourself in the world of Pippa & Fritz.

Written by Catherine

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