The perfect playroom

Let's be honest. We probably imagine the perfect playroom differently than our children do. Finding compromises would be the solution. The colorful world that is in children's heads is often reflected on the floor of all playrooms. If it were up to them, we would probably walk into a room littered with toys everywhere. A colorful box full of pencils all spread out on the floor, a bag full of Lego bricks and stuffed animals in every corner. A room in which we hardly know where we can take the next step without stepping on a toy car. You would probably want a playroom full of shelves to fit even more toys. In short, their dream would be our nightmare.

But you can quickly find a solution that makes everyone happy. With a few simple tricks you can develop a play oasis for the little ones that invites them to have fun, but still remains manageable and tidy. Well, the cleanup is still part of it, but we'll make it easier for you.

So that you don't get overwhelmed by the colorful toys and colorful furnishings, it's a good idea to keep the color scheme of the furniture simple. A carpet in natural tones not only makes it possible to recognize the colorful toy at first glance, it also brings calm into the room. You can also choose the furnishings and storage boxes in matching tones so that one color dominates the room.

Sounds better, doesn't it? This is how we imagine a perfect playroom. With a carpet of Lorena Canals , the Play Box by Montana and storage options Liewood . Practical, but with style. I'm sure your kids would love that too.

Here comes our inspiration for the perfect playroom for (hopefully) young and old:

  1. Pear wall basket natural
  2. Hope storage basket in different colors
  3. Puzzle play mat Sandy Lines Stone
  4. Play Box storage box on wheels in different colors
  5. Wheels round carpet
  6. Weston Storage Box L Sea Blue Multi Mix

Written by Catherine