Bathroom interior design ideas

The bathroom often represents a place of rest. It is a retreat from any situation. Close the door and be alone. Maybe it's also a place to spend a few nice minutes in the bath or getting ready for a nice evening. But it can also be a place for lots of bathing fun. Splash around in the bathtub with the kids and then get them ready for bed. But it may also be a place for a lot of unrest if washing or combing hair is not one of the children's favorite activities. Maybe the dog that rolled around in the mud needs to be showered off after a long walk. There is hardly a place that is used for so many different things. That's why we can pay a lot of attention to it when setting it up and make it a positive place. With the right bath toys, even the most unpopular showering process becomes great fun. With a few nice wall hooks, tidying up is made easy and with a few loving details you can relax.

We have put together some inspiration for you on how you can design your bathroom:

  1. Vonbox wall hooks Zoo Ocean set of 3
  2. Konges Sløjd Hooded Towel Bunny Brown
  3. Bloomingville Rosamaj Pineapple Storage Basket Black/Natural
  4. Natruba bath toy swan
  5. Konges Sløjd bath thermometer sheep made of silicone sand
  6. Oli & Carol teething ring Katia Butterfly
  7. Sebra washcloths Milo the bear Bottle Green set of 2

Written by Catherine