The optimal home office

A tidy, minimalist and nature-loving life is in vogue. This becomes increasingly clear when we look at current interior design trends. We long for more moments of peace and, above all, time in stressful everyday life. The home office has been developing as a popular form of work for several years in order to integrate precisely this peace and quiet into the day. However, setting up an office at home also has a high impact on productivity. A tidy environment allows thoughts to flow better and brings calm to the room.

Plants are particularly important for a pleasant atmosphere in order to bring nature into the house. Large plants, but also fresh flowers, improve the air in the room and make us feel more comfortable. Being able to breathe deeply and feel the connection to nature ensures a better working atmosphere.

But above all, a perfect home office must be tidy. It is not for nothing that it is said that order is half the battle. A neat and tidy office promotes creativity and supports work ethic. It's enough for the clutter of thoughts to pile up in our heads. If the workplace is structured, this is also transferred to our thoughts.

These are our tips for clear thoughts in everyday work:

  • Post-it's: They ensure that no more fleeting thoughts are lost
  • To-do lists: whether digital or on paper. Write down what you have to do every day and plan ahead for the whole week. If you organize your to-do's according to priorities, you won't panic if a few items on the list have to be carried over into the next week.
  • A fixed place for your work equipment: if you're constantly looking for things, you'll just waste time. Whether on the laptop or on the desk: determine where you put your documents, pens and highlighters so you don't panic when you have to look for something again.
  • Work with colors: Highlighters and colorful pens can make working so much nicer. Assign each color a specific meaning and you'll have an overview straight away

A perfect home office requires, above all, the right furniture and storage options, and as we all know, you can't have enough of that. We've put together a few of our favorites so you can get started:

  1. OYOY Aki vase

  2. Toyo Steel stacking box T190 in different colors

  3. Montana Furniture shelf module Panton Wire Extended in different colors

  4. Seed Slendy eraser green

  5. Montana Furniture shelf module 3 square compartments Montana Mini in different colors

  6. Witchlandia Super Power Stone Set

  7. Liewood Weston Storage Box L Jojoba Multi Mix

Written by Catherine