The perfect banana bread

Who does not know it? We have all tried endless recipes and unfortunately often found that it tastes better in a café. Or is that just me? Doesn't matter. I experimented and tried all sorts of banana bread recipes. My goal was always that no refined sugar was added. Otherwise I can really eat the banana bread from the cafe. After a lot of back and forth, I actually managed it. I whipped up THE PERFECT BANANA BREAD and I love it. Or rather we love it because it usually doesn't last longer than a day. The secret to good banana bread isn't really a secret. The bananas simply have to be ripe and have a good sweetness on their own. It's actually pretty easy to tell whether they're good. Do they squeeze well, smell sweet and almost fall apart in your hands? Then you have the optimal bananas for your bread. Or should I say cake? From the outside, the shell is best covered with brown dots. So if anyone has forgotten their bananas in their backpack for a few days, then it just calls for banana bread.

Everything you need for it:

2 large ripe bananas + 1 for the topping

100g flour

60g ground almonds

30g chopped nuts

40g oat flakes

½ P. baking powder

1 tsp cinnamon

50ml milk

80g yogurt

1 shot of maple syrup

Optional (but really tasty): chocolate chips


You have to beat the eggs until foamy first. Then add the chopped bananas, mash them and mix with the cinnamon.

Then mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl and separately mix the milk with the yoghurt.

Then alternately add the flour mixture with the milk to the egg mixture and add a dash of maple syrup. (If you really want it to be sugar-free, you can leave out the maple syrup).

Now you can put everything in the mold, mix in the chocolate drops, cut a whole banana in half and put it on top as a topping.

The banana bread now goes into the oven at 180 degrees for 50 minutes. (But do the knife test here. If there is still dough stuck to the knife, just put it back in the oven.)

A little tip: If you put a slice of banana bread in the toaster, you'll end up with a really nice, warm and crispy result. We love it!

Written by Catherine