The temperatures scream for delicious ice cream. Whether from the ice cream parlor, the supermarket or homemade, everything is allowed, as long as it's delicious. Today we're introducing you to one of our favorite recipes when you need a sweet refreshment in the summer. No ice cream maker at home? No problem! For the nice cream, all you need is a hand blender or mixer.

Then you decide on your favorite fruit. Bananas, strawberries or mangos are particularly suitable for nice creams. A little tip: if you have overripe fruit floating around at home and can't eat it, you can freeze the ice cream and use it as nice cream when you get the chance. This is actually the easiest option for your ice cream and increases the anticipation as soon as it freezes.

Take the frozen fruits out of the freezer, let them thaw slightly for a few minutes and put them in a container. Then you need 100ml milk of your choice. I prefer to use light coconut milk without sugar. The next step is to puree the whole thing until it has the right consistency. Depending on the situation, you simply have to add more milk or frozen fruit. This would already complete the standard version of your Nicecream. But now your creativity is required. You can top the finished ice cream with any toppings you like. Peanut butter, chocolate cream, cookies or fresh fruit. But you can also add different ingredients while pureeing. Fresh mint, basil, lemon juice or maple syrup can give your ice cream a special touch.

If you feel like having some ice cream and haven't frozen any fruit, you can also puree a few ice cubes with the fruit. Caution: This will make your ice cream waterier and require less milk. Ideally, you put a few fruits in the chest and wait for an hour. The result is worth it.

With this in mind: Bon appetit to all those with a sweet tooth!

Written by Catherine