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Discover the fascinating world of AT Verlag - a renowned Swiss publishing house with an impressive history and a wide range of high-quality non-fiction books. Founded in 1978 as a book publisher by Aargauer Tagblatt AG, AT Verlag has been part of the respected media group CH Regionalmedien AG, based in Aarau, Switzerland, since 1996. But in autumn 2020, the publishing house broke its own path and became the independent AT Verlag AG. Every year around 35 new non-fiction books are published from a wide variety of subject areas that delight readers alike: cooking, medicine, nature experience/plants, Designing with nature/works as well Switzerland/Hiking/Traveling. Many of the works are now standard works in their respective subject areas and are now an integral part of bookstore shelves. New releases from AT Verlag regularly conquer the bestseller lists and inspire a wide audience.

The publishing philosophy stands for the highest standards of content quality and depth. We are always looking for the best authors and identifying new trends. But it's not just the content that's important, it's that too haptic-sensory experience when reading the books. In an increasingly digitalized world, a counterpoint is consciously set by AT Verlag's books being individually designed and manufactured with the greatest care from selected materials. You should enjoy picking up the books, leafing through them, smelling them and feeling the structure of the paper. Each book is unique and is created in close collaboration and lively exchange with the authors. AT Verlag is supported by the Federal Office of Culture for the years 2021-2024.