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Storage options for the nursery

Children love the chaos. If all toys lies on the floor and they can look out of full, they are happy. The cleaning up afterwards is completely uninteresting. At Pippa & Fritz you will find everything to make your child lovingly and with fantasy to clean up. Also order must be learned. How about a foldable storage box? They are stackable and they are available in different sizes and colors and fit each nursery facility. So the children can carefully put their dolls and cuddly animals. For the LEGO, a retention box ofoyoy is suitable. These boxes are made of cardboard and it is colorful or monochrome. But we also have wonderful storage bags for traveling Play & Go from organic cotton. Everything that is important to your small darling can be stowed in it.

Order is not creative chaos in the way

If your little girl or your little boy feels comfortable in chaos, it's completely normal. Children, however, need guidance and possibilities to create order again. The retention box of Kids Conceptaus empty is one thing to reinstate the wood toys again, another. Therefore, you will find many different storage options in different designs, which also address your child.
We from Pippa & Fritzacht also in terms of toy storage on sustainable materials such as organic cotton, wood or carton. Our storage baskets or the puppet bag of Sebra from corn leaves and wheat straw are just a few examples. We have many solutions in the assortment that make it easier for your little darling to make the game room accessable or make the living room again pretend.