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Both rings are toothing aids

Teething rings help the babies in teething. If the little ones get their first teeth, that hurts very much. You can chew on the teething rings and exert such a back pressure on the gums and the jaw. The chewing on the teething rings serves the reassurance of the gums and relieves the pain. At Pippa & Fritz you will find teething rings that are also suitable as gripping rings for the little baby hands. Each of our brand manufacturers is for a stand-alone design. From Oli & Carol there are origami teething rings or those in shape of cherries or water lilies. There are natural products of natural rubber, which you can also use as bathtells. The breads of bajo are made of wood in the form of small animals. Jellycat has combined small cuddly animals with wooden ceilings. Nibbling combines wood beads with small chains made of silicone balls. Your baby can cook on it and discover at the same time as a rattle. From Fableab there are teething rings made of wood, which are combined with a small cloth made of pure organic cotton.

With baby rattles discover the world

At Pippa & Fritz you will find the greatest baby rattles. The rattles of the Danish brand Sebra are outstanding in design. Sebra creates beautiful, crocheted baby rattles. For example, you get them as a small whale or small turtle with bells inside. These baby rattles will certainly delight you too. They are the perfect gift for childbirth or for a baby saloon.

Baby rattles are a kind of educational baby toy. They enable the smallest babies to discover the acoustic world. Rattles are perfectly suited as bead rings as first toys. The little ones can learn very early to take things and try things.