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The Norwegian label Blafre based in Oslo was founded in 2005 by Ingrid Eroy Fagervik. Together with her husband Remi David she made a hobby an internationally successful company. The name Blafre means in German as much as "flapping". Initially, it was actually flapping, because Ingrid and Remi were at the same time in the founding year for the first time parents. In 2005, the long-awaited child came, her daughter Nora on the world. When the second daughter Lotta saw the light of day in 2012, Blafre has long since been popular in adults and children and well known in Norway. Ingrid and Remi are grateful and happy parents. On the products of the starting time can be found as a note a "kiss for Nora" ("Nut Til Nora"), because without her there would be no Blafre. The birth of the sister was celebrated with the "Lotta Love" collection.

The beginnings

Everything started in time when Ingrid was in maternity protection for the first time. During this time, the creative journalist learned the drawing on the computer and designed the first 40 card motifs. They had no business plan. That Blafre would prove to be as successful, seemed completely utopian. Blafre quickly found a great clientele thanks to the internet and social media. Ingrid announced in 2010 as an editor and worked in full time for her label. Especially the feedback from the many young parents and communication in social media made it possible without great marketing budget to establish a growing customer base.

Norwegian designs

The company relies on sustainability, environmental friendliness and security. All materials are pollutant tested. At the center of all designs and new ideas are always the children. The beautiful, simple and the essential reduced designs fulfill the most modern standards and nevertheless agree with agriculture and down to earth. This contributes above all the discreetly converted colorful retro style with its naive but characteristic figures.

These are the animals from the Norwegian forests who find themselves in the Blafre designs: the small rabbit with the hanging ears, the cute spectacle bear, fox, roof, Rehkitz and many others. You just have to love the animals with their big eyes, as toys in the nursery or in the form of bread boxes on the go.

Blafre for on the way

Children love the bread boxes of Blafre, which there are also in the form of tractors. They fit in every backpack, are suitable for a trip, but are also in kindergarten or in elementary school real eye-catcher. A lunch box for the school makes every lunch break to a small event.

The stainless steel drinking bottles of Blafre are already among the classics today. They are beautiful, but above all they are easy and wonderful for children's hands. Her handling is safe and easy. Different-colored spare parts allow a long lifetime. The water bottles do not have to be recycled, but can be easily equipped with a new closure.