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The Dutch brand Bon Ton Toys was founded in 1933 in the Netherlands and offers a versatile range of various cuddly toy collections.
You have set yourself a clear mission:
Children happy to make and protect their future. The topic of sustainability for Bon Ton Toys plays a major role. Her high-quality stuffed animals are produced with the greatest respect for nature. Each single cuddly toy is with one100% recycled PET material filled. This material not only makes it soft and at the same time dimensionally stable, but is also sustainable. In careful handwork, each individual product is unique and can be passed on by its robust and longevity of generation to generation. This raises the company against the current disposable company and sets a sign. Not only by the sustainable material and environmentally friendly production, the company wants to make its contribution to changing, but also by donating. A total of 12% of WWF plush sales donate annually to the World Wide Fund for Nature.