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Relaunch of the 70s cult designs

In the 1970s, the colorful products conquered the market with their unmistakable motives of Graziela Preiser. Fabrics, harvesting, bed linen and much more with clear, placeable designs became the trademark of Graziela. AlreadyEit decades she works as a graphic designer, illustrator and creative director. In addition to their work for several lifestyle magazines, she created her collections. The typical Graziela patterns were known mainly by the magazine Brigitte, whose popular order fashion in the 1970s came exclusively from their. Other well-known companies, including Rosenthal, Dibbern and grazing, converted Graziela's designs into their collections. In addition, she received gold medals from the industrial exhibition in San Diego, the Academia Italia and the German Art Directors Club.Thus, the name Graziela became a successful brand that enthuses parents and children alike. Your collections stand for fresh, cheerful colors in combination with a clear, placative design.

In 2008, the brand with the cult products now experiences their relaunch. Together, mother and daughter found the company Bygraziela and gradually bring the various motives and products to the market.The time of the relaunch is deliberately chosen by the mother daughter duo. Because those who were accompanied by the products of Graziela by their childhood are today parents and connect with the designs of beautiful childhood memories that they want to pass on their own children. For the two founders, Bygraziela is an absolute heart matter and there is a lot of heart-blood in their small family business.