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DK Verlag Germany is part of Penguin Random House and offers a wide range of high-quality encyclopedias and guides on various topics such as People and nature, history and music, garden, food and drink, fitness, wellness and relationships, parents and children, animals, hobbies, sport and health, travel guides as well as non-fiction and game books for children. The publishing house was founded in the summer of 1999 and is now one of the top 3 German guidebook publishers. The parent company Dorling Kindersley Ltd. is an international company based in London with offices worldwide. The books are published in 68 languages ​​and 120 countries. DK is known for the unique type of non-fiction book that has sparked a young cooking trend through bestsellers such as the "Big Ideas" series and the books by Jamie Oliver. DK also sets standards in the area of ​​children's books with non-fiction books and offers entertaining and scientifically based books on various topics. DK Verlag's publishing program includes around 1,200 available titles, of which over 200 new publications are published every year.