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We are pleased to present you the outstanding selection of books from the respected DuMont book publisher. With a fascinating history and a wide range of literature, non-fiction and art books, this publisher has earned a special place in the book world. Since its founding in 1956 as an art book publisher, DuMont Buchverlag has played an important role and published groundbreaking standard works on classical modernism. For three decades since the 1970s, travel literature and travel guides formed an essential program area. In 1998, DuMont presented his first literary program. Today, DuMont Buchverlag combines the program areas of literature, non-fiction and illustrated non-fiction. The literature program includes German-language and international contemporary literature as well as upscale suspense and entertainment literature. The non-fiction book contains biographies, cultural history and popular science as well as numerous text and illustrated volumes from the areas of art, design and lifestyle. DuMont has had its own paperback program since 2010. A majority of the books are also published in digital form.