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It is not an exaggeration to describe the wonderful puzzles as artistically valuable from the US label EEBOO. The loving, detailed artwork of the EEBO learning games fascinates big and small. The puzzles are small works of art, designed by international children's book illustrators.

Children change the view of the world

As so often it is the birth of a child who changes the view of the world and its own living conditions. When the New Yorkin Mia Galison told her son Eyck in 1994, the idea to Eboo was born at the same time. Two years later, twins came to the world and Mia knew she had to be self-employed. She wanted to spend time with the children and her husband Saxton. A regulated employee job was no longer compatible.

Mia worked in a renowned book publisher and knew it has long been that there are no artistically demanding games for children. There were no comparably beautiful gifts for children as they gave it for adults. Eboo launched a success story. From the beginning, the brand not only sat down on sustainable materials, but also on artistic quality. Mia commissioned friendly designers and children's book illustrators for the artwork of their puzzles and educational games.

The most beautiful family puzzles in the world

The EEBOO puzzles are undoubtedly among the most beautiful on the market. We love Pippa & Fritz every single one and can not decide which is the most beautiful. Various topics are picked up until the smallest detail was developed and implemented in a fascinating way, from life in a big city like Copenhagen, New York or Marrakech to the wildlife in the seas and rainforests. A cozy kitchen is also discussed as the rustic garden of an English cottage.

At Pippa & Fritz there is the colorful puzzles with 500 parts or with 1000 parts. They are suitable for children from seven years and are available for a common family evening in the living room or for a playground afternoon in the children's room. That Eboo specializes in puzzles is no coincidence. The founder of the label from the beginning went to spend as much time as possible with her family. This heart's wish has inspired music forms that enable this. If parents are sitting with their children on a puzzle, enjoy an undisturbed common time as they hardly take place in our hectic world.

EEBOO stands for colorful fantasy without limits

The EEBOO brand has long since established itself on the international toy market. It has been available for over 25 years and during this time she won over 200 Oppenheim Toy Awards. A prestigious award for the best games of the year.

However, the high-quality label is not only as a toy manufacturer, but above all as a designer of educational games, which already teach the smallest on child-friendly way an interest in the world, nature, animals and people of various cultures. EEBOO works sustainably overlooking a livable future for the children. The brand stands for diversity and inclusion. A positive coexistence of all people, a responsible handling of nature and respect, especially live are the focus of creative work.

The recourse to old and folkloristic motifs and their modern, colorful and positive implementation makes the EEBO puzzles so special. The designers can be inspired by international folk art. Folklore and tradition form the foundation for large, old-fashioned gaming fun for the whole family. An award-winning puzzle of EEBOO is the perfect gift for those who are open to the beauty of variety.