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Egmont Toys - Belgium Toys

Style is not just something for adults. There is a wonderful baby and child-friendly design that is also amazed by our little ones. Pippa & Fritz has therefore included Egmont Toys from Belgium in the assortment. The brand convinces with fantastic night lights, which each baby room shells in warm light and transform each nursery into a fairytale landscape.

Egmont and the desire for new ones

The genesis history of the Egmont Toy label is unusual, at least for a toy manufacturer. It starts in 1994 in a garage. Egmont Le Compette, the founder of Egmont Toys, began as a sales agent for different toy manufacturers. The small company would be called a start-up today. Two years later, Egmont had to move with his company in a 1200 sqm warehouse and set a first employee to cope with the demand for his selected toy.

In 1997, Egmont began producing its own collection. It was a series of washcloths that could be used as hand pups. They were designed in animal shape and finally brought the most demanded fun into the bitterest affair of daily body hygiene. The exhibitions on the major European trade fairs such as Nuremberg or Paris brought the breakthrough. Parents and children were thrilled.

Egmont Toys, the label for toys in vintage look

Egmont Le Compte relied on quality from the beginning and developed with Gaëtane Lannoy as a master designer constantly new products - toddlerable decoration for the baby room and toys, which made every nursery for a loving whereabouts for the little ones. It only lasted a few years until Egmont Toys had built an international sales network.

Since 1999 there is the toy to buy night lights and the drawouts of the Belgian label worldwide, from Russia to Australia and Japan. Quality convinces - also us from Pippa & Fritz. The vintage look of the Belgian label meets the nerve of time, because the longing for something familiar is great. If the smallest in the warm light of fantastically beautiful fungal lamps cuddly cuddly cuddly, the world is perfectly fine in this small universe.

Incidentally, the stylish design of the brand also convinces the professionals of the art world. The cuddly animals of Egmont Toys have been available since 2004 in the Moma Shops in New York and to buy in Tokyo. The brand is growing continuously, also by targeting high-quality and established companies established on the toy market, as in 2009, the Nadia Toys from the Netherlands.

With Heico, a German company, Egmont Toys, in 2016, expanded its offer considerably, this time with night lights in vintage style. The lamps are handmade and handpainted. The warm light of beautiful mushroom lamps enchants the smallest and also the larger ones. At Pippa & Fritz you will find night lights in the form of rabbits and mushrooms. Each single lamp enchants those who hang in their warm light their dreams or deepened in the game.

Light as a decoration - the special gift

If you are looking for a special gift to the birth of the baby of your best friend or for the birthday of your little niece, you will be sure of the Belgian label. Whether drawing animal, cuddly toy or a bunny than night light, each product is of outstanding quality.

We from Pippa & Fritz are excited about the big and small lamps in the form of mushrooms and rabbits. They make the illusion perfectly, - your little one will feel very comfortable in his magical, with light fulfilled fairytale forest.