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Modern, progressive and dynamic.

EO stands for pure design passion. Simple, clear lines in a powerful, strong and contemporary mixture.

By working with innovative and independent designers from around the world, the language of the collection is universal. There are vibrant, authentic quality products that challenge the status quo. Each product is carefully manufactured by highly qualified craftsmen using the best materials.

EO believes in a strong relationship with all its partners, be it architects, independent retailers, designers, employees or the end consumers of the products.

The company was founded in 2013 by Nicole & Tor Vitner Servé in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is now available worldwide on independent retailers worldwide.


At EO, they believe in the importance of sustainable consumer culture. That's why they have made it a mission to create products with a timeless design made from high quality and certified materials. When investing in a high quality product with timeless design, one invests in a durable product that can even be passed on over generations.