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Food and drink - with fun factor

Sitting together at a table and eat together, belongs to children with the most important and most memorable experiences. We sought Vonpippa & Fritzaben for our program manufacturer who delights with their products designed not only adults, but also our very small customers. In our assortment you will find a lot of ideas as you can offer more fun with food. We will be ready for you of colorful table sets for children-friendly cutlery great and practical helpers.
We strive to consider the view of the little ones in the selection of our brands. We are not at the crowd, but on the quality. We pay attention to ensuring pollutant freedom, security and sustainability in the manufacture and use of your products. All products you find from us are free, for example, BPA. BPA is a hormonal pollutant and an absolute no go for us!

Cool equipment for the kindergarten and the school

Look at our drink bottles. You will find a nice selection of sizes and colors. Stainless steel drinking bottles from blafreorey rubber Yummiiene are perfect for trips or sports lessons, for warm drinks as well as for cold drinks. In addition, there are drinking fasteners for different purposes, such as the sport caps, rocker closures or loop caps. They are all suitable for the small im kindergarten. Then nothing can go wrong with drinking.
We would like to draw you attention to two special bottles: on the isolated stainless steel water bottles of Klean edets suitable for hot and ice-cold drinks and on the great water bottles of dopper. They are made of recycled plastic and it is available in many colors. Her great design is exceptional, because the drinking closures are also serving as a drinking cup.
If you look for a gift of skiing, we recommend our imaginative bread boxes. We have lunch boxes fromLutz Mauder Verlagim assortment that fit into every school bag. It is available with many motifs, from the dinosaur to the plane. There are bread boxes made of stainless steel for the school or plastic in the form of a tractor for the kindergarten. At Pippa & Fritz you will find a wide selection of shapes and motifs. Food and drink can be really fun, it only needs a loving idea.