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Fableab - Fabulous Scandinavian design

Parents and children love the wonderful cuddly animals and corded ceilings of Fableab from Denmark. For us from Pippa & Fritz there were no two opinions: The brand Fableab had to be included in our assortment. The idea behind these great children's products corresponds exactly to our ideas of perfect accessories for babies and toddlers.

Fabelab 2013 was founded by the Michaela Weisskirchner-Barfod from Austria. She is trained architect and stage designer. This explains her really fabulous hand for functional and at the same time beautiful design - whether it is cute cuddly animals, dolls or teething rings. Every smallest detail is lovingly thought through and everything is made with great care. Michaela is married and mother of two daughters. She knows what children's hearts can beat faster.

Incidentally, the brand name Fableab comes from the English, "Fabulation Laboratory", and describes what these great products account on Denmark: It's about fabulating and trying out. The children's children of Fabelab make the imagination of the little free run. Their stories are not counted yet, as is often the case with conventional toys. The essential reduced design stimulates the little ones to create their own game world.

Everything renewing, everything sustainable, everything from organic cotton

The Fabelab products are of the highest quality, not only in terms of design, but also concerns the materials, their origin and processing. Michaela Weisskirchner-Barfod rose from the beginning to sustainability, on fair working conditions and ecologically produced raw materials. Partner companies from India provide the organic cotton for the products of Fabelab, which are actually all material. In order to produce waste as possible when cropping the substances, the remains of small children's products are produced, such as garlands or small dolls for the trouser pocket. Fabelab makes it true for the famous three RS of sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recylene (reducing, reuse, recycled). Incidentally, Fabelab also supports social projects in India.

Fableab is a designer label that really makes everything right and completely convinced. Because we also attach great importance to sustainability and environmentally friendliness by Pippa & Fritz, Fableab is part of our assortment. Because we all are about the well-being and around the future of children, everywhere in the world.

For the little ones and the smallest only the best

Fabelab has fabulous home accessories for baby rooms and nursery. With Fableab, every interior can spice up really well. And everything that makes Fableab on fantasy and loving baby and children's clothes is made of organic cotton - whether swaddle or cloth, whether winding blankets, crawl ceilings or play blankets.

For the initial equipment you will find at Pippa & Fritz Musselin towels or wonderfully practical bandanas in the set. They are small scarfs that make your baby look really cool. We have changing pads, gray towels and or even a rattle as the first, fascinating toy in the assortment. Everything is made of wonderfully soft and cuddly fabric.

Also for the children's room equipment you can find from Fabelab original and extremely stylish textiles. For example, we have great fabric bags in the program that you can use as a decorative gift bag as well as for storing the valuable small treasures that every little child accumulates. Speaking of Gifts: Christmas is upon us! At Pippa & Fritz you will find funny Christmas stockings of Fabelab - Scandinavian, stylish, hygelig.