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Simple Swedish

The blogger and designer Elisabeth Dunker founded in 2007 with Fine Little Day a successful lifestyle blog from the beginning. The Gothenburg-based label quickly became known beyond the borders of Sweden, as international media became aware of Fine Little Day and reported about the Times Magazine Online UK, Vogue Living or Martha Stewart Living from the USA. From the interior blog, a flourishing online store was in a short time.

With their photos and their blog posts, Elisabeth met the nerve of time. Not glamorous luxury, but the simple life and the simple everyday life in Sweden inspired their art and are still their topics today. Elisabeth started her blog as a young mother. She still lives with her husband and her two children today in Gothenburg. As a trained TV photographer and studied designer has a trained view for details. With their sense of beauty of simple things, she puts her creative focus on the essence of daily life. Suggestions can be found, for example, on flea markets, but also in nature. Her art does not need "trumber". Her designs bring things to the point.

Elisabeth grew up in Sandviken, a small town north of Uppsala. Her mother was a housewife, her father a steel worker. It is the oldest of four daughters. Creativity was not in the family as she tells himself. There was no time and no place for that. Elisabeth has nevertheless fulfilled its dream of the artist existence. She has worked up and established a successful company.

Reduction instead of abundance

Fine Little Day stands for humorous, very reduced art that can be combined in its simplicity with each furnishing style. Whether nursery or living room, whether baby rooms or youth rooms, the brand from Sweden makes impression and fits in every ambience. The graphics designed by Swedish and international artists are attracting attention everywhere. The prints are high quality prints with partly crazy and funny motives.

Scandinavian Art today is a term with whom everyone knows something. Fine Little Day was one of the first brands that contributed to the high degree of awareness of Scandinavian design. The label consciously returns to traditional Nordic folk art. But there is also a great fun of reading adult arts like children's art. Elisabeth Dunker works with local and international designers together. Produced in craft companies in Sweden and worldwide. This cosmopolitanism is the basis for the extremely wide range of different styles, techniques and materials of the brand.

Pippa & Fritz has a selection of great posters of the label in the assortment. With a few brush strokes, Fine Little Day succeeds in creating expressive pictures. The unconventional techniques require the viewing an open and creative look. As a nice decoration, for example for the living room wall, the photographs of Elisabeth Dunker are also suitable. With their unusual motives they are real eye-catcher. You rain for thought. Interestingly, the photographs can be combined wonderfully with the art prints. But it takes some courage. Fine Little Day reminds us that everything is possible.