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In 1947, Hermann Fink founded a one-man company. In collaboration with a French company, he was one of the first to produce folded gauze compresses - a major innovation at the time and also a relief for his hospital customers at the time. A lot has happened since then. In 1977, Gerhard Walter joined as managing partner - thus Fink & Walter GmbH was born. Social commitment is very important to the company.

Since 2014 they have been supporting the University Hospital of Bonn in the implementation of the Dr. Till children's emergency box, from purchasing the individual components to shipping to retailers and end customers. Fink & Walter GmbH also worked closely with Dr. Till Dresbach further developed the content, the included emergency guide and the design.

The children's emergency boxes, bags and refill sets are assembled at reha GmbH in Saarbrücken. Here these are packed lovingly and with great care by the employees. reha GmbH supports and looks after people with physical and multiple disabilities in Saarland. More than 850 people work together there.

But that's not all: the proceeds from the sale of the children's emergency box will be donated.

Part of this goes towards research and better care for premature babies. In addition, Fink & Walter GmbH supports local and international projects whose aim is to sustainably improve the lives of premature babies, their parents and siblings. The other part is donated to projects that provide children with basic medical care.

Institutions and projects supported so far:

  • Research for premature babies at the University Hospital of Bonn
  • EFCNI – European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants
  • Support association of the Center for Pediatrics at the University Hospital of Bonn
  • Doctors Without Borders, earmarked donation: Yemen
  • Nepalhilfe Bonn, project: Construction of a cistern and water pipes to supply drinking water to the village of Khiraule
  • Cap Anamur Deutsche Not-Ärzte eV, supporting the Ola During Childrens Hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone