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A tradition since 1862

Founded in 1862 as a Kammmacherfaktur, home Ober-Ramstadt initially processed very successful tortoispatt and developed to 1900 for the largest tortoiseshell manufacturing factory of Europe. Their products won several awards, such as the Art Nouveau exhibition in Darmstadt or at the exposition d'art universal in St. Petersburg (1901). The 3rd generation with Georg Friedrich Heim began to experiment early with new materials and found an ideal material in the PLEXIGLAS® developed by Röhm and Haas, which can be edited like tortoiseshell. The most important goal was to lay the value on form, design and love for careful processing.

The love of the form has been represented by G. F. Heim Söhne, today in 5th and 6th generation for more than 150 years.

The products for the covered table stand for unique and shapely quality. This claim is achieved by craft production and maintenance of the visions and values ​​of the founder.

Today they develop beautiful, high-quality, functional products in the field of "Dining, Living, Giving" for the consumer goods sector and on the capital goods market they support industry, craft and laboratory. Here are SE partners for small series and individual products.