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The best gifts for every occasion

If you uplift at Pippa & Fritz, you will find beautiful things to give away, useful and practical, beautiful and funny. But above all, you do not find any 08/15 things. Our assortment is hand-picked and lovingly put together. Our products combine beauty and functionality. Freedom of pollution, health, safety, sustainability and environmental friendliness are selection criteria for us. We attach utmost importance to quality.

There are many occasions to give something to something. Easter, Christmas and the Advent time, to which every child is pleased with a great little known advent calendar, of course, are the classics among the "gifts days". But there are also special "gifts days" in the life of a family, such as a baptism, the BabyShower and of course every single children's birthday.

Pippa & Fritz offer a large selection of toys for children from 1 year to 6 years. We have colorful baby toys, such as the funny wagging of Kid O, bath toys of Oli & Carol or cuddly toys from Jellycat in the assortment.

High quality gifts do not have to be expensive

Parents are grateful gifts receivers, because if a baby expands the family, it needs a baby equipment. These are mainly many little things that gradually make the baby room and later the nursery. We have the matching gifts for pregnancy and the perfect gifts for birth. Maybe you need a gift for a babyship? At Pippa & Fritz you will find a wide selection of great and useful things you can bring to the party.