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Crockery and cutlery for small children

Little children still have to learn how this is with demealing and drinking table. They watch them after and try them out. So that you can do that, we have Bepippa & Fritztolles children's harness and children's cutlery in our assortment. There is also a basic equipment as a children's tableware.
Brands Wieblafre, We Might Be Tiny, Petit MonkeyDerglobal Affairs on outstanding functionality of your products. There are, for example, with small suction cups equipped children's dishes made of silicone. It is non-slip and thus hard frustration reducing. Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, every mealtime is also an exercise time for small children. Lightweight weight, smaller sizes and non-slip materials help the little ones to stop at the dining table.

Light luggage for on the go

We have children's dishes made of bamboo and melamine in the assortment. It is light and unbreakable and thus wonderfully suited to be taken to a trip or a picnic. Childrenware by Pippa & Fritz is not a disposable dishes. You can just pack it in the backpack and take home again. It is easily washable and suitable for dishwashers. This makes it sustainable and environmentally friendly. But not only the environment is important to us, but also the health of the children. Our children's harness and our children's cutlery is free of BPA.
On this occasion, we would like to point out that melamine dishes can not be in the microwave. The material is not suitable for temperatures over 70 degrees! We at Pippa & Fritz have high demands on the products that we record in our assortment. That's why we are convinced of our melamine dishes. For lunch in kindergarten or at school, the colorful mugs, plates and bowls are just right. Because children also love great designs.