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Kids Concept - Modern, clear design from Sweden

The Swedish label Kids Concept is still relatively young, but extremely successful. It was founded in 2007 by the three designers Johanna Backman, Anna Ender and Amelie Wiklund, in the city of Borås in Southern Sweden.

The brand name Kids Concept does not come from about. From the beginning, the three founders pursued the concept of making the habitats of the little ones on a loving and stylish way. The world in all its facets is child-friendly. The different design lines are coordinated so that they can be combined and harmonably harmonize, as toys and in style.

Wood, linen, cotton and metal instead of plastic are the materials with which Kids Concept manufactures the best children's furniture, toys and home accessories for baby rooms and for children's rooms. The Swedish accentuated, Scandinavian style of the label with the handwriting of product developer and designer Lotta Hallenius is unmistakable. Lotta also worked for IKEA. The wonderfully simple and clear shapes and the subtle natural colors combined with optimal function, are the typical features of the modern scandic look.

The label Kids Concept not only distinguishes the beauty of your baby and children's products, but also through outstanding quality, sustainability and long life. These children's items can be passed on. They survive generations, because they are made. We from Pippa & Fritz are by the concept of the label and convinced.

Beautiful well-being for the nursery

Not only toys is taken from the designers under the magnifying glass, also children's furniture will be redesigned. They deal with children with children, because they are finally the target group around which it works. Wonderful collections were developed and brought to the market, such as the children's welfare furniture of the design lines "Manchester" or "Linus".

At Pippa & Fritz you will find everything for the nursery, from the fairytale play tent of the "Star" line about great wooden toys to boxes and suitcases for storing toys. We have very beautiful and practical "star" toy boxes in a set of 2 in the program, but also great suitcase sets for children. The little ones can pack their favorite doll, the most important cuddly toy and their valuable treasures in these small suitcases.

You can find Deko in our Kids Concept assortment, which are also suitable as a nice gifts for birth and for the baby rooms, such as crawling ceilings, a pennant garland or puzzle for the first attempts of the baby, to grasp the world. For the very smallest, there are Kids Concept games in the "Mini" version. We have enchanting children's clothes for every age, from 0 months to primary age.

With Kids Concept, children's dreams are true

You can find exciting game worlds with exceptionally beautiful wooden toys from Kids Concept at Pippa & Fritz. The label knows how to see the world with children's eyes. Charming as-OB games are inviting the children to great role-playing games: With the children's doctor's suitcase, the little ones can go to insurance. You can feel like a star with a guitar.

In a small shopping shop you can practice as merchants and sell wood fruits, wooden vegetables and wooden candies. To the playback kitchen of the "bistro" line there is a children's oven and a children's heart. Here you can bake and cook without burning something. The design line "Aiden" forms the city life, with road system, fire brigade and school bus. Behind "Edvin" hide the forest dwellers of the High North. "Neo" kidnapped with mammoths into the Stone Age, the Neolithic, and "Dino" is the line with cute dinosaur things.