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Even small children want to be taken seriously

It does not take long, and your little one is so far that it can go to the Kita or in the kindergarten. Again, a new section begins in life of your little favorite. You'll find gifts that make the little one easier the first step into the world of others. Meaningful, sustainable gifts that signal the little ones that they are taken to be serious and their new tasks. How about a kindergarten backpack We havebrot doses and drinking bottlesby vonblafreoder reflectors in the form of small bears of eduplay in the program.

Special gifts for enrollment

On the first day of school, the excitement is great if the little ones unpack their gifts and inspect carefully. With the right equipment, the beginning of school becomes a great cinema. You can find little things like key chain or bread boxes for the school bag at Pippa & Fritz. According to the occasion, the gifts may be quiet. After all, the first day of school is not only a big event for the children, but also for the parents.

For the upcoming school trip you will find with us drinking bottles of dopperoderklean edets, also isolated bottles for hot drinks in winter. The fit in every satchel. With us there are lunchboxenvonyummii yummii. From Petit Monkey Honey We have the right backpack for elementary school in the assortment. Maybe not for the school bag, but as a little surprise in between is the small payload of Goki. The first Wackzahn does not stop and for that should be taken care of.