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Nursery dreams need children's return rooms

The first own room is a very important station in the life of a child. This can retreat to enforce his dreams, invent and experience stories and easily entirely. Cuddled into his favorite ceiling, with his favorite cuddly toy in the arm and his favorite matters within reach, a child can forget space and time.

The nursery comes on the right interaction of decoration and furniture. Because the children are a bit older and arrived in the world of the big ones. Now children's furniture will be interesting. The strong seat cushions in the form of wild animals of the Markesitting Bull are Eyecatcher in every nursery. They are deco and seating in one. There is probably not a child who would not be fascinated by traveling on an elephant, lion, whale or horse through his fantasy world.


Order is something that children can learn early, playful and having fun from their own nursery. Storage space offer our unbreakable folding boxes from AY Kasa in the program. Colorful and space-saving you are both practical as well as decorative. We also have great wall clocks in modern design in the assortment. The slightly larger among the little ones can learn so very slowly to read the time.