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The Danish label Konges Slojd from Copenhagen is a trendy brand. The delicate hues of the elegant timeless designs and a slight vintage touch are trademarks of the label. The company was founded in 2014 by Emilie Konge Breindal - actually out of necessity. After the birth of her first child, Emilie found herself a single mother and without financial resources. Giving up, however, was not an option. Quite the opposite. Emilie got down to business, recalling her creative gifts and what was important to her in life: being there as a mother for her young son and taking charge of her future independently and self-determinedly. Today, Emilie is the sole owner of Konges Slojd, which has grown into a thriving business since its inception.

Emilie's last name, Konge, is the Danish word for "king," and Konges Slojd translates to "royal handiwork." The brand name is not overstated, as the label's products are of outstanding quality and stand up to any scrutiny, no matter how critical. As a young mother, Emilie knew the gaps she had to fill in order to make motherhood easier and more beautiful for other women. She produced elegant and stylish fashion for babies, children and for mothers. In the early days, she sewed the clothes of her newly founded label herself and sold them via Instagram on the internet from a basement room in Copenhagen's Vesterbro district. Word quickly spread about the beauty and quality of her handiwork. Emilie had a large number of followers online within a short time. The demand for her wonderful, fabulously beautiful garments soon outstripped supply, so the young founder had to look for reliable employees. Production was soon able to move to a 1600 square meter warehouse in Copenhagen. Today Konges Slojd has over 900 dealers and is represented in over 60 countries worldwide.

Emilie owes her entrepreneurial success mainly to social media. Without Instagram & Co., Konges Slojd could never have developed into an internationally active label in such a short time. The quality of the products and their limited edition created the necessary hype among young mothers. The digital natives of generations Y and Z love Konges Slojd, because the brand embodies more than many others what modern women expect: recognition, appreciation, mutual support, and the knowledge that they can survive and succeed in the working world even as mothers.

Konges Slojd stands not only for the finest children's fashion, but also for exquisite interiors for children's rooms. Whether cuddly animals or toys for indoors and outdoors, their production mainly uses natural materials such as wool, cotton, natural rubber and wood. Emilie Konge ventures artistic recourse to traditional patterns such as subtle little flowers. She focuses on easy handling of her well thought-out products, such as the lamps, which not only produce enchanting light, but at the same time are a wonderful decoration and eye-catcher in any baby room. An eye for detail, knowledge of children's needs and a sense of how to make everyday life more beautiful and easier for young mothers are the foundations of Konges Slojd's success.