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KROM Kendama was founded with one vision: to produce the highest quality kendamas that have a crazy and attractive design at the same time, and to make kendama the most popular sport around the world. Since day one, KROM has been working to spread Kendama internationally. The strong growth of the Kendama community has made it possible to expand KROM's team and travel the world on their mission.

When 2014 freestyle champion Thorkild May founded KROM in 2010, he had one idea in mind: to ignite the love of kendama in as many people as possible. Since then, KROM in Copenhagen has been working hard to realize the idea of ​​a Kendama culture.

At the KROM Shop they host a weekly Kendama club and support similar initiatives in Colorado and Latvia. They sponsor pro players and a variety of international events with prizes every year. They also organize events themselves such as the European Kendama Championships 2019 in Copenhagen.

Kendama has become more and more popular worldwide in recent years - at the same time, KROM has also grown and an idea has taken root in KROM's minds: to produce their own Kendama and thus become a bigger part of the community. In 2012 they took the next step: Since then, they are no longer just a group of homies playing and selling kendama, but have focused on creating the best kendama in the world - and they are constantly learning. They first turned heads in 2013 at DAMAFEST, the North American Championship, with their fresh, clean Dama designs and crazy tricks. Thorkild May and teammate Mathias Rasmussen won the American Freestyle Championships by showcasing what has become KROM's trademark: the iconic Danish style of play and the signature crazy kendamas.

Since then, KROM has grown significantly and they are working harder than ever to best represent Kendama and offer the highest quality products. With each new Kendama they try to refine the playability and design. The internationally recognized team, consisting of world and European champions, and creative friends from all over the world help to live up to this claim and achieve KROM's goals.

They are grateful to be able to take Kendama to new heights with their work and are excited to see where the journey will lead. They will continue to work every day to bring the joy of Kendama to more and more people.

What makes Kendema so unique? Playing Kendama strengthens cognitive skills and sharpens hand-eye coordination. And Kendama connects people all over the world, making it possible to connect and communicate with each other, across any language barrier. Kendama offers something real, tangible in a time when everything is becoming more and more abstract.

"We love this piece of wood because it allows us to step out of the digital world for a moment and re-engage with the people around us. We hope to share our passion and love with you through our products"