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Lillagunga is a Helsinki-based design company, which was originally known for its reconnect the classic wooden swing. The company was founded in May 2013 and has its name from the Swedish word for "little momentum". From the beginning, Lillagunga endeavors to reinvent and improve classic activity toys by unsurpassed visual attractiveness, unique functionalities and superior quality.

Thanks to the carefully manufactured products, Lillagunga wants to spread a sense of joy and amazement in the everyday life of the people. They design quality products that can adapt people to their preferred style or need, and create something funny, unique and personal. All products are designed and manufactured in Finland.

Swinging & swings! - The story of Lillagunga

For almost 3,500 years, it has been a classic piece of furniture and toys; Loved children and adults around the world. A product that has proven itself and does not come out of fashion in the foreseeable future.

The story begins in the summer of 2010, when Anton Stenfors, the founder of Lillagunga, had difficulties to find a stylish quality swing for his two sons. Anton decided to make one and finally took the first steps to develop the first model of Lillagunga Classic.
After an incoming time of market research, Anton recognized that the first prototype was not only the answer to the need of a father, but also a market gap for families who were looking for functional and appealing swings. In 2013, Lillagunga was founded with the vision to become the leading manufacturer of newly invented design classics for every home.

The first year of operation was fully based on large market feedback on the Lillagunga Classic, and gradually became clear that there was room for similar products to complete the product portfolio. In 2013, Lillagunga Classic won the interior design reporters competition, which aimed to promote carefully produced design products that match the everyday life of the people.
A year later, in 2014, Lillagunga Grand - the swing for adults children and adults - was designed, and the idea of ​​developing a product line of swings for people of all ages was continued.

In September 2015, Lillagunga Toddler was presented with immediate success on the Helsinki Design Week. With his beautiful shape and the double-folded seat of genuine leather, Lillagunga Toddler soon became the company's flagship product.
Shortly before Christmas in 2015, the current bestseller Lillagunga Rings was added to the collection, and it did not take long until she proved to be an immediate hit in the nursery.

At the end of 2016 Lillagunga castled cooperation with the Japanese companyDrill design And started working at a rocking horse, which was originally designed by Drill Design, but never commercially launched on the market. After working out the design, to better fit the visual identity of Lillagunga Reindeer, a year later was launched on the market.

Today, Lillagunga has physical shops in Finland and online retailers around the world. The goal is to continue to develop new products of exceptional quality and become an internationally recognized brand on the global design market.