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Mini Knot stands for beautiful Kelim tapes for children. The company was founded in 2018 by the artist Ulgen Semerci. Ulgen was born in 1981 in Istanbul and knows about carpets, because it is the daughter of an established carpet dealer in the Great Bazaar in Istanbul. The interest and love for beautiful carpets and traditional crafts was put in the cradle.

After her art studies in Montreal and New York, Ulgen returned to Turkey first in 2009. Until Ulgen 2018 continued to Great Britain, she worked as an artist in Istanbul, where she developed the idea to connect modern design for children with the Kelim tradition. Arrived in England, she founded in 2018 mini knots. The name is program: Knots are knotted nodes and with the minis the little ones are meant.

Wool carpets with feel-good guarantee

The great Kelim tapes of Mini Knots are children's carpets that are not only in the baby room real eye-catcher. Who attaches importance to high quality and extraordinary decoration, makes everything right with the carpets of the Turkish label. The wool rugs of mini knots fit to modern design furniture like Vitra Thonet and cartel. They are combinable with wood and any modern materials. They just look beautiful in front of the cot and amidst children's furniture. They spread a cozy atmosphere in which the very little ones are particularly well feeling and worried in every nursery as a playing rugs for a unique beautiful feel-good atmosphere.

Art meets tradition

The designs of Ulgen Semerci are inspired by the added, the hand-knotted Persian carpets from Iran. Mini Knot attacks the simple shapes and colorful patterns of gabb. The carpets are woven on the traditional looms in the west of Turkey. In some villages of Westanatolia, Ulgen employs women who have learned the weaving of Kelims from their mothers and grandmothers. All Kelims are individually manufactured and are handwoven.

Every single of these wonderful children's carpets is unique and is perfectly combinable with modern design in his ornate uniqueness. Kelim tapes are sustainable and durable and can be passed on from generation to generation. The high-quality wool and the quality, fine handmade make the carpets to suitable collectors.

The Kelimppiche show themes worldworlds

We from Pippa and Fritz are excited about the elaborately produced children's carpets of Mini Knot. The child-friendly designs give fantastic landscapes with animals, plants and trees, houses, clouds and stars. In the Kelims stories are interwoven, which just wait to be told. The beautiful design of every single carpet stimulates the creativity of the children. The outstanding manual work also creates extraordinary haptic impressions. The small pictures are linked, the landscapes are woven by the landscapes, so the motifs act almost three-dimensional. At Mini Knots, modern design meets old craftsmanship.

The children's carpets designed by Ulgen are artfully designed individual pieces that the children should stimulate, nature and their surroundings with all their senses. The soft, cozy playing rugs with the colorful, playful motives make children become adventurers. But sometimes you need some help from us. The stories of a thousand and one night with the flying carpets, the princesses and princes and with Aladin and the beautiful lamp are predestined to be rediscovered and read. Accessories are the one, together time the other spent.