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Moulin Roty - from the municipality to the modern market leader

The French brand Moulin Roty has a moving past. In France of the 1970s, the idea of ​​communitizing was widespread. It emerged from the 68 movement and had a classless society to the goal. There were basic democratic municipalities with self-managed collective companies.

Before this social background, almost twenty like-minded friends closed together in 1972. They bought and renovated an old mill near Nantes to implement their idea from an alternative working and lifestyle. The brand name refers to this mill.

Moulin Roty was from the beginning for craftsmanship and traditional artistic techniques. Made and sold were mainly jewelry and decorative housing scoires. In 1975, production was aligned with the production of children's toys. For a small, Moulin Roty lovingly made toy car, pushed great demand to unexpectedly. With a small, very soft doll, the first toy collection was launched on the market: "La Douillette", a cozy looking anti-Barbie.

In order to meet the steadily increasing demand for the loving-old-fashioned and just because of new toys, Moulin Roty was converted into a public limited company in 1991. This extended the financial scope, so that the label could develop into one of the market leaders for children's toys in France in the following years. The then novel concept to rediscover the toys of the grandparents generation to give them a modern design and to escape them forgotten, works today. And more: the label became international and is represented today in many European countries.

Cuddly toys and püpchen to fall in love - old ideas in a new guise

In addition to the cozy "La Douillette", the crazy-imaginative "Jolis Pas Beaux" has been enjoying great popularity for years. There are small piets, lovable plush toys whose charm can neither be withdrawing neither the little ones. At Pippa & Fritz you will find the collection "Les Douillettes", the lovingly hand-sewn cuddly animals of Moulin Roty.

We also have enchanting puppet accessories in our assortment, for example a beautifully worked doll bed. You can also find great wooden puzzles, humming circles or imaginative crafts and paintings for the little ones. From Moulin Roty, there are both French-elegant, restrained-playful decoration for the baby room as well as funny, colorful decoration that makes every nursery beautiful. You can find games, such as a wonderful child-friendly memory or a great fishing game. There are also roundabouts, flying dragons or juggling balls.

Childlasses that make joy - from Moulin Roty from France

Pippa & Fritz connects with Moulin Roty the joy of high-quality toys with exceptionally beautiful design, great materials and a valuable, positive basic idea, for the well-being of the children. Moulin Roty builds a connection from earlier to today to give the children a halt for their first steps in the world of the great ones.

The detail-loving toys can immediately see that the designer of the label look at the world with children's eyes. Every little thing is observed and implemented for the little fun and adorable. For example, the crazy pulp animals consist of many composite substances. At the great puzzle for explorers, magnifying glasses are supplied so that the children can explore each as small detail of the composite image.

The label Moulin Roty knows how to reinvent tradition. Whether dragon, floral press or romantic-playful puzzle. Everything refers to earlier times when childish curiosity and imagination were required and promoted when there was no abundance of impressions and a children's world was still manageable.