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Swaddles - The all-round solution for those who like it practically

Swaddles, so gumbles or Musselintünken, belong to the baby base equipment. Parents know that, because they are that they feed their little sweetheart, wrap him, keep his arm and always take care that he is fine. We at Pippa & Fritz want to support you with practical and beautiful things. Our Danish manufacturers, such as Sebra, Fableab or Pippi produce high-quality Swaddles in Scandinavian restrained design. They are wonderfully soft and looks like on the skin. For your little baby, the best is just good enough. Whether spook towel or tilling cloth, the cloths in our assortment are manufactured sustainable branded items from Europe and pure organic cotton. They are easy to clean, washable at 60 degrees and thus usable again and again.

Towels for wrapping, breastfeeding and cuddling

The cotton towels at Pippa & Fritz are all king. You can use it to protect the breastfeeding or as a base while wrapping. Swaddles can be used as protection against sun in the car or as protection against sunlight in the stroller. In our versatile assortment you will also find a Maxi Cosi Sunscreen. The cloths are also suitable as a winding pad or as a base for outdoors on the lawn. Our Swaddles are a practical gift for childbirth. We can recommend our great Sebra spook towels from Musselin in a set of 3. Take some time and look at our different cotton towels. They are often the small details that convince. Discreetly printed and in subtle colors, our versatile Swaddles will surely convince you.