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Nobodinoz is a French-Spanish label based in Barcelona. It was founded in 2012 by Murielle and Roman Bressan. The two are parents of three children whose future is the most important to them. Responsibility to nature and social commitment accompany any entrepreneurial decision. Today, Nobodinoz (say: Nobody Knows) is a brand manufacturer with a renowned international name, whose core business is about the topics of baby equipment, toys for children and accessories for kids.

Regional and traditional

The brand Nobodinoz relies on the quality of traditional production. The trend away from the cheap disposable product towards high-quality and durable articles is consistently implementing the label. From Barcelona, ​​it is not far to France, so it was obvious from the beginning to integrate the local workshops based on the region of the region on both sides of the border in the manufacturing process. The label employs alone in the Spanish and French workshops over two hundred craftsmen. Each production step is controlled, whereby guarantees high quality work is delivered.

Environmentally conscious and sustainable

 "Bio" is capitalized at Nobodinoz. The label works with suppliers from Belgium and Germany that implement European environmental standards. The accessories made of wood or textiles from organic cotton are all "Made in Europe". The transport costs are low and costs for intermediaries. As a result, fair wages can be paid and the beautiful products are offered at competitive prices. "Organic" is another keyword that has written Nobodinoz on the flags. Straight clothes, toys and furniture for babies and small children should meet the highest ecological claims.

Nonetheless new thinking

At Pippa & Fritz we delight ourselves for the seemingly unlimited creativity, with which it succeeds in Spain-based label, to develop everyday products such as towels, bibs or changing documents. Subtle colors, shapely-reduced baby toy, soft cloud cushion for cuddling and as a decoration for the baby room, the interior, playing carpets and bed sky for the nursery, everything is child-friendly and processed high quality. The quality of the Nobodinoz products is except question.