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Nursery rooms are rooms for children

If you are looking for a beauty decoration for the nursery, you will surely find Bepippa & Fritzganz. We have wonderful posters in the program, which fascinate children and parents alike. Pippa & Fritz is about the well-being of the little ones. We are always looking for new ideas for the children. They should have it nice and carefully introduced into the world of the big ones. Copy room is a room in which a child should feel well and recovered. This is just when it knows that it is "his room". So if it's about the nursery, you should involve your little one in the search for the right wall decoration. White walls are terribly boring for small children and therefore an important point in children's playroom design.

Children love it colorful and stimulating

Children need colors around them. Colors stimulate not only the imagination. They also ensure the necessary contrasts, so that the small the spatial thinking can develop. It can be discreet or bright colors. It is crucial that you can create your little one's optimal environment in which it feels comfortable and gradually developing its own interests. Our selection of posters with animal motifs, dinosaurs or with the planets of our solar system can be a source of inspiration. The posters of Halfbird and Ottilies are very cool, very modern and quite playful. There are quite wonderful graphics that not only make children's hearts faster. The graphically outstanding illustrations of Halfbird are available in different sizes, in DIN A2, DIN A3 or DIN A4. But you also find great posters with children's motives of Mrs. Ottilie. They are funny, colorful and cheerful, as well as the ABC posters or the numbers posters vonpetit monkey.