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Sebra - everything started with baby Gustav

The Danish designer Mia Dela made himself independently in Esbjerg in 2004 with the Label Sebra. The reason for this was two years back. At that time, her little Gustav was born. Your search for a designer and high-quality equipment for the baby room was little successful. So they designed everything necessary to make themselves themselves and made it according to their specifications. The idea of ​​the children's brand Sebra - Interior for Kids developed from this project. By the way, Sebra is the Danish word for Zebra.

Mia Dela has managed to develop a socially and ecologically responsible forecast in a short time. The design is at its finest. Credit colors and first-class quality of materials and processing are the characteristics of this great brand. Sebra stands for a Scandinavian-minimalist and cheerful-playful style. A decoration that is so beautiful and discreet that she enthused great and small as a real eye-catcher. At Pippa & Fritz you will find beautiful decoration of Sebra, for example a great children's carpet or outstanding stylish children's furniture.

Danish design of the finest - even for the smallest

Sebra has quickly developed into a success mark. Mia Dela met the nerve of time with her label. Above all, she delights the working mothers who want to offer their little one beautiful, positive and stimulating ambience - from the furniture to the lovingly manufactured cuddly animals. All Sebra products are subject to the strictest quality controls. Especially the articles made from food contact materials such as melamine or silicone are always subjected to regulatory controls. All Sebra products have the best Danish quality label. That too is one reason why the Sebra brand was not missing at Pippa & Fritz. Like Sebra, we also stand by Pippa & Fritz for the highest quality.

You can find everything you need for the initial equipment of the baby room, from the cot and the baby blanket, over muslin spook towels to the stroller chain and music box, which is designed like a small whale. The baby toys from Sebra not only impresses with the subtle colors and the imaginative motives, but also by recourse to traditional craft techniques such as crocheting and knitting. If you are looking for small gifts for childbirth or for a baby shower, we recommend an animal beautiful rattle. A baby'sassel, more precisely a crochet rattle of Sebra is always a great surprise. It is in the form of a turtle or even as a whale.

Playing with style - children love beautiful things

Wood, wool, organic cotton, tabled, knitted and crocheted - Sebra mainly uses natural, ecologically grown and renewable materials and processes them mostly to the most beautiful toys and the funniest washing utensils. If you are looking for a cuddly towel, a washcloth or a funny hood towel, you will find in our Sebra assortment. With Sebra, the daily gear is less boring for the children. Likewise, this is the case with the food. With the dishes, the colored table sets and the colorful children's spoons, lunch tastes a lot better.

You can also find wonderful wood fruits and wooden vegetables for the merchant shop and children's aprons and a children's kitchen, in which the little ones can playfully deal with cooking and baking. All these lovingly designed toys are ideal for as-ob-games where children can imitate the adult world and learn. But we also have classic games in the program, such as the toddler-oriented and yet very stylish memory from Sebra.