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Small foot wooden toys meet the child's basic need for cheerful, boundless games. With their modern design and diverse, simple game engravings, they offer freedom for their own ideas worlds and help develop fantasy and creativity. With many game purposes in a product, you invite to deepen yourself into the game and to discover new things again and to invent yourself. From playing to amazement, fun to learn - Small Foot creates game and learning experiences that make fit for life!

Unique Design - Made in Germany

Small foot toys combine educational know-how with contemporary design - developing small foot toys are developed by the design team at the company location in Northern Germany. So you always find the right mix of fun and learning, from design and game value. Children love classics: Small Foot uses timeless game ideas and translates them in the form, color and function in our time. With good design, thoughtful details and surprising features you create child-friendly toys that have fun children of today.