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Snib is a very young StartUp from Bavaria. Nina Good and Sandra Poorhosaini founded the company based in Münsing, a small town located directly on Lake Starnberg, in 2021. The brand only went online in January 2022. It doesn't get much younger, cooler and more ambitious than that. With the StartUp, Nina and Sandra have fulfilled a dream. They design mega-cool bags from recycled plastic. Except for the straps, a Snib bag consists of 100 percent recycled polypropylene (RPP), made from discarded household appliances such as dishwashers or refrigerators. So by choosing a Snib bag, you're doing something about the world's accumulating, indecomposable plastic waste. The plastic is not out of the world with the Snib bags, but it has been given a new use in a second life. The two founders therefore work closely with the China-based recycling company Waste2Wear, which has won international awards. Snib is an acronym and rightly stands for "Sustainable New Iconic Bag", which in German means "sustainable, new, iconic bag".

At Pippa & Fritz, you'll find a selection of these trendy bags from the Snib brand. Because we support everything that makes the future of our children better. And if that means great looks meet sustainability, durability and strong functionality, all the better. The Snibs are also insanely roomy. We're blown away by what can be packed into a Snib bag. It holds an incredible 70 liters, which means that the equivalent of 13 footballs can fit inside. Its carrying capacity is 20 kilograms. A Snib bag is robust, durable and therefore versatile. Anyone who has ever had to move will appreciate such a bag. They are available in two versions, one classic for carrying in the hand or hanging over the shoulder like the Classic Bags "Ocean Sunrise", "Simply White" or also "Purple Smack" and as a backpack like for example the Back Bag "Midnight Boom".

Young parents appreciate it when they can simply pack their little ones' things into a large bag and take them with them. The Classic Bags from the Snib brand are perfect for this. Whether for a picnic or a trip to the beach, a Snib is always the right choice. They are not only practical for on the go. They are also great for storing toys or transporting all the big and small souvenirs for a child's birthday party. Among fans of these practical bags, their own translation of the abbreviation Snib has not gone around for nothing. They talk about a "Smart Nifty Indestructible Bag", which means "smart, nifty, indestructible bag".