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Placemats and bibs from Denmark

Your little one gets his first porridge? A challenge for you both! At Pippa & Fritz you will find everything you need to patiently and lovingly support your baby with food learning. Feeding baby porridge is a somewhat lonky and sticky affair. But that does not matter, because there is a table set and a bib. If something is dripping or falling slightly, it can easily be wiped and nothing happened.

We from Pippa & Fritz want to give you our great brands from Denmark to the heart. Sebra, Oyoy, Celavi and Hevea convince through their child-friendly and beautiful design. We especially inspire the Scandinavian minimalism in shape and color. The little ones are not distracted by the essential. Because they need to learn carefully to concentrate. And that's also several times a day: for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is not a simple thing, neither for you nor for your baby.

Well equipped nothing can go wrong

Your baby feels if you are tense or not. With the help of our table sets and bibs you can be completely relaxed when feeding. No matter what is going on or is distributed, it ends on the table set or bib.

The table sets of Hevea are made of natural rubber and have small suction cups so they can not slip. The material is sustainable, environmentally friendly and recyclable. The environment is important to us! The animal beautiful table sets of Sebra and Oyoy are made of silicone. They are non-slip on the table and non-slip for plates, bowls and mugs, which are turned off. Quite stylish, the bibs of Celavi come. There are you in great, quiet colors and modern cuts, very classic for turning or overstretching with long sleeve. This bib can also no longer harm a larger breech.