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Toyo Steel is a Japanese manufacturer of sheet steel toolboxes and storage boxes. The Osaka-based company was founded in 1969. At that time, it manufactured the world's first steel toolbox. Since then, it has won several awards, including the internationally renowned Good Design Award in the Long Life Design category. The Toyo Steel label stands for the typical Japanese demand for perfection in material processing, functionality and design. The workshop outfitter from Japan has been one of the leading manufacturers of storage boxes, boxes and toolboxes for more than fifty years and stands for timeless industrial design.

At Pippa & Fritz, the small storage boxes of the Toyo Steel brand are available in various colors. They are the perfect organizers for the children's room. The little ones can store their toys, pencils and painting materials or their very secret treasures in them. The boxes are lightweight, extremely robust and durable. The special feature of the products of the Japanese manufacturer is the "seamless" method of production. To produce a storage box, only a single sheet of steel is used and formed into a box using the so-called deep-drawing technique. In this way, toolboxes and storage boxes are created without sharp corners or sharp edges. Nothing has to be joined or welded together. This makes the boxes perfect for delicate children's hands. There is no risk of injury.

The small boxes are not only real eye-catchers, but also have a special feel due to the way they are made. Everything is rounded and the powder coating of the steel sheet not only provides beautiful colors, but also a pleasant warm feeling when touching. This is where Japanese craftsmanship meets award-winning design. Toyo Steel is not without reason the number one in Japan when it comes to steel processing into everyday objects. The label holds a 70 percent share of the market. Its unique design makes the brand successful worldwide.

The special manufacturing technology is the basis of the brand's worldwide success. The various design prizes that have already been awarded to the Japanese label point to its high standards and perfect implementation. After all, Toyo Steel is still a workshop outfitter and steel tool manufacturer, for whose products only function counts in the first place. Over the decades, the company's production orientation broadened in the direction of the living environment. The small, stackable storage boxes with the simple designation T-190 became classics. Their classic design makes them perennial favorites at MoMA Design Stores in Tokyo and New York as well. The boxes are suitable for storing all kinds of small items, such as those found mainly in offices, but also in children's rooms. They hold valuable fountain pens just as well as children's crayons and wax crayons.