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Bottles and closures - Combinations for all purposes

Blaffeaus Norway, Klean Kanteen's United States and Dopperaus the Netherlands are top marks when it comes to water bottles. We from Pippa & Fritz are convinced of the high quality of these branded products. They are environmentally friendly because they are sustainable. Bottles are good for the environment, because there are no disposable bottles. They survive thinking children and the elementary school. They are suitable for thinker garden backpack and later for the satchel. Whether stainless steel bottles or bottles of recycled polypropylene, they are all as good as unbreakable.
The ingenious of these bottles is the possibility to combine them with matching closures for every occasion. Instead of another bottle you just buy a different closure. In addition to the normal swivel closures there are rocker closures, sports caps, loop caps or sippy caps. We have the right closure in the assortment for every age and adventure.

Small and large water bottles in many colors

Isolated bottle of bottle for hot and cold drinks equally. So you do not need two bottles for summer and winter. For small kindergarten children we recommend the small water bottles. They are also not too heavy. For the slightly older schoolchildren, the larger bottles are better suited. There are sports lessons or even a longer school trip on the timetable. Just in the backpack and off to school. There are the water bottles but not only in different sizes, but also in many colors.
Drinking bottles and closures can be combined colorful. The children can discover new favorite colors at Pippa & Fritz. How about Bubble Gum, Lemon Curry or SugarPlum? There are water bottles of dopper very cool also completely in black. DIEDOPPER bottle is an unusual design. Your locks also serve as a drinking cup.