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Beautiful ideas for home and on the way

If your baby can take his first solid meal, a new section starts in your life. Now there are food and do not drink from nature so compiled that it fits perfectly and like. Now the seriousness of life begins with the first challenges for your baby: food and drink on physical distance and with foreign things.

For more fun on the dining table, our unrestricted, colorful and animal beautiful placemats of Hevea, Oyoy or Sebra. For the little ones we have washable bibs of Celavi in ​​the program. Childrenware and dishes of Global Affairs, children's cutlery of Sugarbooger and beautiful melaming harness. Also so-called bamboo dishes and which with great animal motifs of Petit Monkey. Of course, our crockery is also suitable for a picnic. It's as good as unbreakable.

We strive to consider the view of the little ones in the selection of our brands. We are not at the crowd, but on the quality. We pay attention to brands that guarantee pollutant freedom, security and sustainability in the manufacture and use of their products. All products you find from us are free, for example, BPA. BPA is a hormonal pollutant and an absolute no go for us!