Since the beginning of September 2022, you have had the opportunity to donate any portion of your shopping cart to the VIVA CON AGUA DE SANKT PAULI association with every purchase in our online shop. You choose your percentage and we pass on the donation in full to the project and particularly want to support the ONE WASH PROGRAM UGANDA. Especially for the smallest among us, no matter where in the world, access to clean drinking water is the starting point for a life worth living. Here we want to work with you to make a contribution to sustainably strengthening the situation.

The main aim of the program is to increase access for around 50 MUNICIPALITIES in Karamoja and the West Nile to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, as well as to sustainably strengthen the WASH and service sectors and to preserve natural water catchment areas. In addition to infrastructural measures such as the construction of wells and water purification initiatives, specific improvements to schools are being planned. The aim here is to strengthen the infrastructural facilities of toilets and washrooms and access to drinking water as well as education on this topic through play.

more information:

We started the fundraising campaign in March 2022. We were already in discussions with Viva Con Agua and wanted to work with you to contribute to the global drinking water supply. However, for well-known reasons, we spontaneously decided to prioritize an urgent issue and support a local association in Cologne that provides humanitarian aid for Ukraine. The fundraising campaign for the Blue-Yellow Cross Cologne eV ran until the end of August 2022 and was then replaced by the opportunity to donate to Viva Con Agua de Sankt Pauli eV.