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The baby cradle Kumi Mesh from the French brand Charlie Crane consists of solid beech wood and has a suggested lattice from a pink cord.

    Marke: Charlie Crane

    Farbe: nature; pink

    Material: Wood; polyester

    Größe: 80 x 56 x 72,5 cm (L x B x H);Matratzendicke 5 cm; Matratzengröße: 68 x 40 cm

    Details: Mounting required; Including mattress; transparent Matter lacquer on water-based

    Design: Gaspard Tiné-Berès

    Altersempfehlung: from birth

    Pflegehinweis: wipeable with a damp cloth

    Zusätzliche Information: Made in France. Shipping by Charlie Crane - pickup in the Pick Up Store unfortunately not possible

    The designer Gaspard Tiné-Bérès combines traditional and modern design in this baby cradle. Because she retains the traditional runners who help through weighing the baby when falling asleep. At the same time, the transparent network of cradle gives an extraordinary and modern look that emits lightness. Through the net, the baby can look at the surrounding area and feels protected and secure anyway. The cradle is supplied with the matching mattress. A functional and beautiful piece of furniture.

    Mattresses & Accessories
    Optionally, suitable mattress protectors and fitted sheets are also available. The cradle is individually designed by the color cords. Other cord colors are available extra. Foam mattress:
    • Filling: Certipur-certified foam
    • Removable cover: cotton
    • Size: 68 x 40 cm Thickness: 5 cm

    Gaspard Tiné-Berès wurde in Paris geboren und begann seine Ausbildung in Produktdesign mit einem Bachelor-Abschluss an der Esad de Reims in Frankreich, bevor er seinen Master am Royal College of Art 2012 abschloss. Seine Methodik ist weitgehend empirisch basiert: Normalerweise arbeitet er schon früh im Prozess mit lebensgroßen Modellen und mehreren Prototypen, um sein Design in dem vorgesehenen Szenario zu testen. Für ihn ergibt sich die Ästhetik eines Produkts aus seiner Funktion und seinem Kontext: Er interessiert sich dafür, wie Produkte hergestellt, gehandelt und vor allem verwendet werden. Er schätzt einfache Gebrauchsprodukte für den täglichen Gebrauch mehr als offen ausdrucksstarkes Design. Er ist Inhaber des Designstudios Re-Do Studio in London, England.

    Charlie Crane from France

    Even if it does not sound like that, Charlie Crane is a French label. The manufacturer of baby and children's furniture was founded in 2012 by Thomas Lépine and is located in Paris. Since 2013, the brand brings incredibly stylish designer furniture on the market. The everyday furniture that can not be missing in any baby room are as beautiful as functional, whether changing table, baby cradle or baby cot. Charlie Crane succeeds in bringing designs for adults into their children's furniture.

    Inspired, Thomas Lépine was from the large designers of the 1950s and 1960s from France and Scandinavia. There are names like Jean Prouvé, Jacque HiTier or Charlotte Perriand, one of the most important furniture designers and interior designers of the 20th century, which influenced Lépine. It is certainly no coincidence that the brand name Charlie Crane also reminds of cult figures of the 50s and 60s such as Dick Tracy, Perry Mason or Paul Temple.

    There are hardly any comparable furniture manufacturers who specialize in the facilities of baby and children's rooms. Charlie Crane works with various designers of well-known agencies in France. At Pippa and Fritz, for example, you will find the baby cradle of Kumi of Gaspard Tiné-Berès or the children's chair Tibu, which was developed by Gaspard Tiné-Berès together with Tristan Kopp. The changing table Noga comes from the designers Erick Demeyer and Steven Leprizé. Striking are the rounded forms in all furniture, which are partly part of the source material or worked accordingly. Naturally grown wood is also used as in a piece of curved metal pipes for the high chair Hito.

    Aesthetics made in France

    What is enthused by Pippa & Fritz is not just the beauty of the furniture with their retro style, but also their thoughtful functionality and the quality-high-quality processing of natural materials such as wood and organic cotton or the certipur-certified, environmentally friendly foam for the organic Mattresses of cots or for the play mats for the nursery. Everything is Made in France.

    The toys of Charlie Crane and the decoration for the children's and baby rooms have been specially designed for the smallest, but with an adult sense of style. Finally, the young parents would like to feel comfortable with the children's furniture. Subtle colors, clear fragmentary design, space-saving and at the same time plunger due to sophisticated storage space opportunities, which is Charlie Crane. The label fascinates because each individual article is perfectly processed to the smallest detail. The high-quality quality starts with the mattress protectors, which fit like poured to the mattresses for the baby cots. Likewise, there is a perfectly matching changing pad protector, which in turn is exactly matched to the changing pad for the changing table.

    The fact that the fitted sheets are perfectly pulled over the mattresses should not be worth extra mention. But from Pippa & Fritz we know from experience that exactly that is often a drawback. Not but at Charlie Crane. The sheets and schooners are washable and also fit after the laundry over the mattresses.

    Thoughtful design - Children's kids furniture by Charlie Crane

    The high chair Tibu is a perfect example of the thinking and working of the French label. The classic is available in different color variants. At Pippa & Fritz you will find also suitable for the high chair a waxing safety bar. There are suitable seat cushions in a variety of designs and with a special seat belt. Suitable to the high chair there are also different colored trays that can be attached with just a few steps on the chair. Nothing is left to chance. Beauty, security and functionality go hand in hand.


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