Croc Pile wood stack game 10er set green


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The green Croc Pile of wood stack game offers countless possibilities to stack the individual building blocks. The feet and back structure of crocodiles are shaped so that they are stackable in any form. Even in oblique angles, wild mess or even standing on the head. The game consists of 100% oiled beech wood and is designed by Karl tooth. A nice gift for every occasion.

Marke: Areasare

Farbe: green

Material: wood

Größe: 17 x 10 x 7 cm (L x B x H)

Design: Karl tooth

Altersempfehlung: from 3 years

Karl Zahn ist freiberuflicher Produkt- und Möbeldesigner in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Seine Arbeit untersucht zeitgenössische Materialien und historische Technologien, um moderne Hybride zu schaffen, die anwendbarer, schöner und nachhaltiger sind. Seine Entwürfe drücken eine reduzierte Einfachheit und eine strenge Ästhetik aus. Eine Mischung aus modernistischen harten Linien und Oberflächen mit einer dänischen Sensibilität für Materialien und Tischlerei. Jedes Stück wurde nachhaltig entwickelt, um Trends zu widerstehen, die mit der Zeit immer liebenswerter werden. Geboren und aufgewachsen ist Karl Zahn im ländlichen Vermont, wo er viel Zeit mit Holz und natürlichen Materialien, in Wäldern und Holzgeschäften verbracht hat. Nach seinem Abschluss in Produktdesign an der Rhode Island School of Design (2003) reiste er nach San Francisco, wo er in die kreative und komplizierte Metallbearbeitungskultur eintauchte. 2007 zog er nach New York, um sich selbstständig zu machen. Seit dem hatte er die Gelegenheit, mit etablierten Unternehmen wie Artecnica, AREAWARE, Teroforma, Lindsey Adelman Studio und Roll & Hill zusammen zu arbeiten und die Zusammenarbeit mit aufstrebenden Designern fortzusetzen.

Areaware from the USA

Areaware - great designs for small money

The American label areaware stands for extraordinary and exclusive design. It is a small company based in New York and Columbus, which reconstructed everyday objects with a selected circle of designers and brings on the market. The production of the products happens in exchange with the designers and according to their ideas. Such a cooperation is unusual and distinguishes the US manufacturer. It also works on a tortie base, whereupon are particularly proud of. Each product produced by Areatware was designed exclusively for the label. That's the reason for the brand's unmistakable style. Areaware is not comparable to any other manufacturer.

Cubebot - the wood robot from the USA

We from Pippa & Fritz are excited about the colorful wooden toys of the US brand. The artistic and high-quality toy impresses with its refined simplicity. Here functionality and beauty go hand in hand. The CubeBot of Areatware, for example, is already an absolute classic. He consists of wooden scolding, which are connected to rubber bands. The CubeBot can therefore turn into a dice or convert themselves from a dice to a robot - almost like a transformer. The little ones can bring the robot into different positions and be traveling with him in their adventure worlds. Cubebets are available in different colors and two different sizes. They are suitable for children from three years.

Colorful batches made of wood

Areaware realizes new ideas. Seemingly known toy not only stimulates the imagination of the little ones. Also we adults can not escape the fascination of these toys, whether it is the stack crocodiles or the colorful 3D puzzles of the series "Snake Blocks". It is colorful wooden blocks connected to rubber bands. They are supplied as collapsed wooden balls and can be folded apart from different animals. The imagination is not limited. From the ball becomes a cat, a slake or a small dog.

Stylish decoration for the nursery

In the assortment of Pippa & Fritz you will also find lovingly designed decoration for the baby room, such as a beautiful mobile or the funny wood animals of the "Block Party". There are freely composible figures made of wood. Whether tiger, mouse or monkey, the little ones can assemble the building blocks arbitrarily, creating new variants of this colorful racial band. For the nursery we have colorful wall hooks of areaware in the program or even a great trash, which is almost too nice to be used as a trash can. He is also wonderfully for the storage of toys.

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