Guila wood market box

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Children love to slip into different roles and with the Guila market box they become a star chef! With the colorful box and accessories, children can prepare their own small dishes and learn to use knives and cutting boards in a playful way. The fruit box contains a carrot, a lemon, a mushroom, a tomato and a fish. All ingredients are provided with a cutting line so that they can be easily divided in the middle and prepared using the blunt knife and board. The set is ideal for children aged 18 months and over who want to host their very own dinner party with their siblings and friends. It is made of plywood and is therefore very durable. All components are painted in beautiful natural colors.

Marke: Bloomingville

Farbe: colorful

Material: Plywood, MDF

Größe: Height: 6 cm, depth: 12 cm, length: 18 cm

Gewicht: 540 g (without packaging)

Altersempfehlung: from 18 months


Welcome to the fascinating world of Bloomingville, a leading brand characterized by its deep passion for Nordic design and lifestyle. Founded in 2000, Bloomingville has created a unique identity with passion and success, which also gained a foothold in the USA in 2014 as part of the renowned Regent Holding.

From this root the first Bloomingville MINI collection emerged in 2015. Her goal was to inspire even the youngest family members with Nordic designs at their eye level. Originally conceived as an additional category for Bloomingville, Bloomingville MINI grew quickly and is now an independent brand. Playful, cozy, aesthetic, timeless and Nordic - these terms form the basis of the Bloomingville MINI collections, which meet the desire for design suitable for children's rooms. Bloomingville MINI presents a magical and lively universe of aesthetic home furnishings for the little ones, designed in a Nordic style that fits into any home interior.

Bloomingville's versatility is also reflected in the Creative Collection, which was launched in 2018. Expressive and characteristic collections based on authentic finds and upcycled treasures come together here to tell stories. Each piece from the Creative Collection is unique and contributes to the creation of an individual living environment.

Another proud part of the Bloomingville family is the exclusive ILLUME x Bloomingville collection. In collaboration with ILLUME, the world's leading room fragrance expert, a fragrance universe made from natural ingredients was created. This collection makes it possible to create a calm and clean ambience in any home, giving a feeling of harmony in all rooms.

Bloomingville has established itself as a brand and multi-brand company in millions of residential facilities worldwide. Despite the impressive growth, Bloomingville's mission remains unchanged: offering joyful change to customers as everyday designers. Discover the timeless beauty of Bloomingville and design your home with flair and elegance.

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