Aki planter blue Small


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Make your plants even more beautiful with the Aki small size planter. With its feminine shape and playful handmade stripes, it will enhance any window, bookshelf or table and add a subtle splash of color to any room in the house.The Aki Pot's distinctive stripes are hand-painted, giving each pot a unique finish.
Aki is part of a series in which you'll also find trays and vases.
Available in several colors in small and large.

Marke: OYOY

Farbe: creme; blau

Material: 100% Steingut

Größe: Ø16,5 x H13 cm

Zusätzliche Information: Made in China

Oyoy from Denmark

Oyoy Living Design - Denmark makes greetings

The interior designer and furniture designer Lotte Fynboe is proud of her Danish homeland and her Danish roots. When she founded her label in 2012, she did not choose the aircraft identifier Oy without reason as a brand name, and doubled it. In civil aviation, there is a separate country identifier for each country. The code OY stands for Denmark. Just as the aircraft represent your home country Denmark around the world and it can be identified in reverse doubt as Danish, the label should be identified Oyoy refer to Denmark as a country of origin and be recognizable as Danish.

Two years after the founding of the company, the meanwhile successful brand for elegant and feminine living design was around the Oyoy Mini Collection expands. This line turns completely to the children. From this special division you will find the best cuddly toys with us, the most beautiful posters and wonderfully soft linen. At Pippa & Fritz, there is the right interior for every nursery - for the small and very little ones.

Oyoy Mini Collection - Childrests that make childhood nicer

Lotte Fynboe spent a wonderful childhood that she is still inspired by today. Her design is characterized by recourse on covered colors, earth tones and simple, geometric shapes as they used to be usual. Both the toys and the furniture and decoration for the children's rooms are made of sustainable materials such as organic cotton, wood and rattan. Only natural colors are used and everything is made with the utmost care and with attention to detail. Sustainability and the protection of the environment Lotte Fynboe is a great concern.

We have from Pippa & Fritz Oyoy included in our assortment because we are one hundred percent behind the wonderful idea of ​​childhood, which should still be in adulthood the source of inspiration, creativity and feeling of security. The children's items of Oyoy are made to beautify the childhoods of our little ones. The design is timeless, child-friendly and extremely imaginative.

Beauty is not everything. It's also about the shape and the practical value of things. There is no interior and no areas of life that would not be worth be perfectly designed. Lines, geometric shapes, covered colors, reducing the essential, that makes Danish design. Typically Nordic-minimalist is involved Oyoy is not a bright Eyecatcher, but about high-quality, stylish and practical products for home - for example for the dining area. If your baby begins to take solid food, you will find in our Oyoy assortment each in the set of 2 bibs and great table sets made of silicone.

Oyoy - the Danish brand with the rainbow

The rainbow is a kind of trademark for the Oyoy Children's division. He appears everywhere, in stylized form or childish-of course. There is the rainbow as a taping carpet, as a placemat or as a carpet. But we also have a lion or koala as a child carpet in the program.

If you are looking for opportunities for storage of toys, you will find great boxes in our assortment. All home accessories of Oyoy were created to produce well-being moments. Oyoy wants to inspire - when looking at and using. The combination of beauty, function and classic-stylish shapes characterizes Danish design. Scandinavian-minimalist, subtly-playful and practical-good, that is Oyoy.


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