Milk teeth of wood


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The small round milk zahndose from the German brand Goki is the ideal retention option for the first milk teeth. It consists of 100% real wood. Through a swivel closure, it is easy to open and close. Made in Germany.

Marke: Error

Farbe: nature

Material: wood

Größe: 3,7 cm ∅: 4 cm

Zusätzliche Information: Made in Germany

Goki from Germany

Wooden toys with added value

Over 30 years ago, the story started from the German brand Goki. You unite in your wooden toy modernity with traditional feeling skillfully. Because the basic design of the beautiful toys is already known many generations. However, the Goki brand adapts it to steady modern change without forgetting the basic concept. The wooden toy shows in strong complementary colors, in combination with a functionally child-friendly design. To make the toy, the brand uses only high quality real wood. Underneath, maple, book, walnut or linden wood falls and many more. The colors used are mainly based on a water-based and thus also harmless to the smallest. All toys correspond to the European toy safety standards. At the Goki brand you can be sure that quality, safety and natural playing fun at the top.

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